Classroom Teachers

*All teacher emails are as follows: [First name.Last], copy & paste to your preferred email application.

Grade 6 Team:
Ms. Kaylynn Constantine – English
*Ms. Amanda Larner – Humanities
Ms. Sarah Legon – Mathematics
Mr. Zane Wilkinson – Science

Grade 7 Team:
Mrs. Teresa Lauth – English
*Mr. John Rosenbaum – Humanities
Ms. Catherine Somerville – Mathematics
Ms. Sehilah Al-Drweesh – Science

Grade 8 Team:
*Mr. Kevin Montoya – English
Mrs. Tiffany Hervieux – Humanities
Mr. Bryant Estrada– Mathematics
Ms. Mary Ackerman – Science

Ms. Edith Ospina – Literacy Coach & Reading Specialist
Ms. Jaclyn Perry – Numeracy
Mrs. Erica Harrington – Numeracy/Literacy
*Mr. Tag Tanalski – Director of ESL
*Mr Kenneth Kard III- Dir. Math Curriculum

* = Lead Teacher