Parent of the Month!






Each month we recognize a special parent in each grade who maintains a physical presence at the school participating in all areas to support student achievement. These are parents who have met and exceeded their 10 hours participation requirement.

October 2014 Honorees:

6th grade: Flora Jose – Parent of Alicia Martinez
7th grade: Hortencia Medina – Parent of Cristy Estevez
8th grade: Awilda Reyes – Parent of Hector Andaluz

September 2014 Honorees:

6th grade: Debbie Patricio – Parent of Savanna Martinez
7th grade: Mr.& Mrs.Scholz – Parents of Kimberly Scholz
8th grade: Julia Garcia – Parent of Armando Hernandez

May 2014 Honorees:

6th grade: Ada Giron- Aaron Aguilar’s Mom
7th grade: Consuelo Correa- Anthony Correa’s Mom
8th grade: Yesenia Romero-Kimberly Romero’s Mom

April 2014 Honorees:

6th grade: Betsey Marquez- Gianlexis Siarez’s Mom
7th grade: Marisol Vega-Jazmin Vega’s Mom
8th grade: Julissa Oferman – Mario Oferman’s Mom

March 2014 Honorees:

6th grade: Jazmin Encarnación- Alex Acosta’s Mom
7th grade: Maria Solis- Francisco Landaverde’s Mom
8th grade: Rosa Fuentes – Berenice Perez’s Mom

February 2014 Honorees:

6th grade: Madison Hernandez – Nayeli Merced’s Mom
7th grade: Ruth A. Mira – Sara Mira’s Mom
8th grade: Ana Almeida – Mario Almeida’s Mom

January 2014 Honorees:

6th grade: Ingrid Cruz- Edwin Ramirez’s Sister
7th grade: Melissa Cordero-Paola Rosado’s Mom
8th grade: Yolanda Montemoino – Joselyn Rodriguez’s Mom

December 2013 Honorees:

6th grade: Juliet Cornejo – Serggio Sebastian’s Mom
7th grade: Naomi Petel- Joannae Marie Rodriguez’s Mom
8th grade: Blanca Martinez – Wilmer Chinchilla’s Mom

November 2013 Honorees:

6th grade.JPG6th grade:  Elena Arteaga – Andrea Martinez’s mom




7th grade7th grade: Monica Barros – Samuel De Barros’ Mom




8th grade.JPG8th grade: Nitzia Santiago – Bryanna Roman’s Mom





October 2013 Honorees:

6th Grade: Ruthie Carrasquillo & Alex Rivera – Ashanty Rivera’s Parents




7th Grade: Monica Cortes – Esteban Osorio’s Mom




8th Grade: Rachel Akinbo – Emmanuel Akinbo’s Mom




September 2013 Honorees:

6th Grade:  Bety Henriquez – Paola Hernandez’s Mom





7th Grade: Sylvia Iglesias – Marieliz Falu’s Mom



8th Grade: Rose Setaro – Sara Setaro’s Mom