Time to Get in Tune!

Mr. Rodriquez is so excited to start the second year of Music at Segue. Building on what was established last year, music class will continue performing and studying various topics and instruments.

The drums and piano keyboards will be a fixture in the music classroom. To start the year, students will be studying new musical terms and new music styles.  Segue Music exists in three forms; general music, guitar class, and chorus. General music gives the entire school population a chance to experience music.

Through performing, creating, listening, and reading students have practiced skill to show musical proficiency. Guitar class has put in countless hours on basic guitar technique and reading notation.

Thanks to a donation early last year, we have 15 brand new guitars that get a lot of use. Chorus has progressed most through the year. They started as a small group of  15 students  Now our numbers have doubled and have most recenlty performed at the state house in Providence.

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