Core Classes

At the Segue Institute for Learning, we offer a robust curriculum featuring ELA, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities. You will not find more dedicated teachers or support staff who are dedicated to ensuring the success and growth of our scholars.

What began as a vision is now real.

“It is extremely overwhelming to witness a dream, a vision, an idea come to life, and that is exactly what has happened with Segue. We envisioned a community school that would hold students and families to a high standard; one that would expect greatness from them and support them in their educational journey.

Segue is that and so much more. It is a place where students and staff grow and learn from one another. A place where each and every day holds a new beginning. It is a place where reflection occurs regularly because we all recognize the need to do whatever it takes to get our scholars ready to be leaders of their community and the global community. It is a place that started as a dream, and now houses the dreams of many.”

– Mrs. Melissa Lourenco, Director of Academic Support